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3 Things I Want To Change Over The Summer

By Lucylovesblog @lucylovesblog
Hello everyone! I know the summer isn't New Years or anything like that, but I'm sure everybody has certain things that they want to change about themselves, or that they want to do.
So, by having the summer coming, it creates a time frame we can set ourselves for our personal challenges!
You always need to have a time frame when setting yourself goals for anything, so that you're able to measure how well you doing! So here we go...
#1 Swearing
Now, you may not know this about me, as upon reading my blog, I'm pretty sure I don't tend to curse in my written  sentences. But if I do, I can only apologize if I offend you. However, my parents are both quite strict Christians, and sometimes I also consider myself one, but perhaps not a very good one. But thats a whole other subject entirely.
So anyway, having religious parents I have no idea where I picked up this habit from, I'm guessing high school where you learn all sorts of new things and decide that they're cool and try them out, even though you later find out they're  either not very good things to do, or just not cool at all.
Regardless, I presume that this is when I discovered this whole new foul language, and got into a right habit of it.
I hate swearing I think it is really horrible and that people use it to fill in gaps where they cannot think of an educated word to say, so they repleace it with cursing.
I manage not to swear at home infront of my parents, because I have done that all my life, never sworn infront of them seriously, maybe a joke once or twice. (Just because their Christian doesn't mean that they don't have a giggle at silly things).
But, I cannot keep my tongue under control when around my friends and other people, for whatever reason, I don't know. But by the end of the summer, I want to be able to completley cut back on the amount I swear and maybe just stick to only using these words when I am well and truly riled.
# Dieting
If you're like me and can start a diet, be good to go for about a week maybe 2 weeks, then you give in and have a massive binge. You'll know how horrible it is to have that lack of self control when it comes to food. I love food. I am definitley a fatty, salty, greasy food lover and I am not ashamed! But, knowingly how bad this is for me, I am a bit desperate to try and kick this habit
If anyone has any good tips on how to stop the temptation,  please comment!
# Spending So Much Money
I do think that most girls are probably the same, however I think that I am exceptionally bad at this. I will spend all of my monthly wages within about 3 days, apart from about £30 odd which I use to get by. I really would love to just be able to say no to buying everything I see, and the first thing I see all the time. And have the ability to shop around before buying £80 shoes or a £75 bag.
I want to be able to save at least £50 each month, but I can't even afford a measley £10.
I hope that by the end of the summer, I have saved up some money and have something to show for my many months slaving away at the Co-op!
What would you want to change over the summer?

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