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My Make Up Brush Collection

By Lucylovesblog @lucylovesblog
My Make Up Brush Collection
My Make Up Brush Collection
These are my main three brushes I use on a daily basis. From LtoR, they're all real techniques, but it's my foundation brush, blush brush and my powder brush.
I have never been a foundation brush lover as I feel that they seem to soak up a lot of the foundation which is a waste especially if I'm using a nicer, pricier foundation. Secondly, they are such a pain too wash! I never knew whether I was doing it right or if I was just making it wet! But everyone all over the blogging world raved about the real techniques brushes so I thought I would try it.
And I absolutely love it! Can't imagine doing my make up with any other brush! It's so soft and smooth and it allows me to get such am even coverage! This brush is perfect for those who wear thin foundation layers, however, when I have worn thicker foundation for a night out or whatever I'm doing, even though the brush does help make it buildable, I have always found there gets to a point where the brush then starts dragging it around my face and not actually rubbing it in to my skin! Overall I love this brush 8/10!
Secondly, my blush brush, now I don't usually wear blusher as, this probably won't make sense to anyone, but I have a very small face. And I feel that, when I apply blusher on my cheeks, this is like over half the surface area of my entire face, therefor making my whole face look an odd colour! But I wear a lot of fake tan so my face always has some color in it, no biggy! And in all honesty, I don't have an awful lot to compare this brush too as like I said I barely use blusher! But, this brush is sosososo soft I can't even tell you enough and it's a good size for my cheeks personally, and I would definitely recommend it! 
Lasly, my powder brush. If it was acceptable to fall in love with objects, I would be head over heels! This brush is a dream come true, I've had mac skin finish powder for ages ad have never used it as I've never had the brush to do so. But since I've got this, ah! I love it so much! I would go as far as to say that this is my favorite brush ever! 
Overall, the real techniques collection is really good for what you are paying, I think you can get the starter brush kit for around £20ish, please go buy them then admire your skin!!!

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