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Power-Packed Device to the Rescue

Posted on the 28 August 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98


Portable power packs are really useful specially when you are traveling and you do not have the chance of recharging the battery of your cell phone at any outlet. When the power of your cell phones decreases from a 100 percent to a mere 20 percent, you will know it is time that you put your phone on the charging mode. But every device does not notify you about the low battery crisis, till it actually strikes your phone and before charging it up properly again, it switches off by itself. So, a ‘battery low’ indication out of nowhere can be an issue to worry about.

Does the small juice box of power really work? For investigating this, we actually carried out an interesting experiment. We selected three devices that had little or no charge in them and carefully attached them to the portable power packs. The chosen gadgets are a Samsung Galaxy S3, an iPad and an iPhone 4. As a part of the experiment, we kept a track of the battery life of each of the gadgets involved. Again, the time taken to recharge the particular devices was calculated. After the recharge of a gadget was completed, we would immediately use up the power on it and then connect another device with a new charger. The trick with using the portable power packs is that they need to work really fast in order to be able to apply their efficiency.

The Duracell Powerhouse USB charger didn’t fetch a good review as it does not promise a long term life span and exhausts itself rather quickly. When it was connected with the iPhone 4, it could only provide an hour and ten minutes of charging before it went out. The iPhone 4 was charged up to just 80 percent. And later when it was plugged in, it took a shocking three hours to charge its own battery! Now that is totally unacceptable. Though the Duracell Powerhouse comprises of a USB port and an attachable mini USB, and allows the user to charge two devices simultaneously, it is not convenient.

The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Mini is compact and portable. It is really easy to carry the power pack in your purse. Though it has an advantage over Duracell because it works fast and does not have a short term life span, it is not much recommended. The reason is that this Mophie Mini on being connected to the Samsung Galaxy S3, could just enhance the battery charge to a meager 54 percent while working for two hours! Moreover, the Mophie takes an hour to charge itself up again. Though this pack comes in handy when you are out, it is not well-suited for charging tablets.

The Hyperjuice plug is a much better option than Duracell and Mophie. It has a long time span during which it can charge up two devices, the iPad and the iPhone 4 in this case. It costs more than the other two, and is heavier. It need around twelve hours of charging to get back on track. But inspite of such minor drawbacks, it is simply the best and totally worth the purchase!

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