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Post-Olympics Events in London, England

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Post-Olympics Events in London, England So you missed the Olympics in Paralympics in London this year.  Don't worry!  The end of this year's historic games is not the finale of London's 2012 events.  In fact, you could say the city is going on just like the games never happened with the number of festivals, shows, and celebrations taking place in the city between now and the end of 2012.  Since so much talk and emphasis has been put on the Olympic games this year, we feel it is necessary to take a look beyond the headliner and to find out what great events make London worth visiting even though the Olympics have came and went. Get ready, the following events will make you want to book flights to London right away as some of the festivities begin even this week!
Chocolate Week - October 8-14th
Olympics move over!  Chocolate is the name of the game in London from October 8-14th, where chocolate shops and chocolatiers from around the world setup shop in the city for this mouthwatering event.  The events of the week culminate at Chocolate Unwrapped, a two day event on October 13th and 14th at the London Film Museum in Covent Garden where the boundaries of chocolate are pushed to the limits.  A must for those with a sweet tooth.
Buckingham Palace Tour - On-Going Until October 7th
Post-Olympics Events in London, England
The Olympics weren't the only event Londoners were celebrating in 2012.  This year was also the Diamond Jubilee Celebration for Queen Elizabeth II, honoring her 60th anniversary on the throne.  Coinciding with this celebration, Buckingham Palace is having a special display showcasing the royal diamond collection including the coronation necklace and earrings, a diamond crown from the 1800s, and dozens more with thousands of diamonds. 
Bonfire Night Fireworks - November 5th
Post-Olympics Events in London, England
Remember, remember, the 5th of November.  Bonfire Night is a fireworks celebration each 5th of November in London to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, the night when in 1605 Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the Gunpowder Plot.  We all know he did not succeed and was executed for treason.  But each year the country remembers this historic event with burning effigies of Guy Fawkes and a fireworks celebration. 
Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park - November 23-January 6th, 2013
After all the festivities of Bonfire Night, winter truly descends upon London.  Rather than running inside and starting a fire to keep warm, it is better to go out and embrace the season!  What better way to do it than visiting the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, the yearly attraction that makes winter come to life every day from November 23rd to January 6th.  Between ice sculptures, a full sized skating rink, an indoor circus, rides, and decorations, you'll never look at winter the same way again.  Want to escape from the festivities for a minute while there?  You're in luck, Hyde Park is one of London's premier parks and offers a number of beautiful walking paths worth exploring.
New Year's Eve - December 31st
Post-Olympics Events in London, England
The year's events culminate with one of the world's largest New Year's Eve celebrations. Ring in the new year with an amazing fireworks spectacular off the river Thames right in front of the London Eye.  With a view of the iconic ferris wheel or the Houses of Parliament in the background, you'll never see a fireworks show quite like it.  In fact, this show packs so much explosive power in the celebration may leave you wondering why they didn't save some for the next performance.  2013 will truly ring in with a bang, and London is the place to do it at.
Just because you missed the Olympics doesn't mean you've missed all the events London has to offer for the rest of the year.  The celebrations we've highlighted in this post are just a few of the dozens of amazing festivities the city has to offer for the rest of 2012, so book your accommodation in London today and take in an event that makes the city one of the world's best!
Post-Olympics Events in London, England

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