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Positive, Successful and Productive Weekend!

By Kc2610 @kc2610
It was a busy weekend for Sebastian and I, we were off strutting our stuff on both Saturday (for a competition) and Sunday (for Young Rider squad training). We worked hard last week to prepare and it was a close call between Seb being just right or too tired, especially with all the traveling.
Saturday was Seb's 2nd Prix St Georges (my 5th - yes, I'm still counting!) and his first time out since his castration. He was an absolute dream to take out, not that he wasn't very well behaved before, but we don't have to worry about the stress of him being a 'stallion' or a bit loony. We can casually take him off the lorry, tack him up with mom holding him and just get on with the job - Brilliant.
He was a very good boy, and although a little behind the leg in the warmup we kept it together for the test and he came out with a decent 66.58%. He behaved perfectly and did everything I asked, but again if only I had him more in front of the leg we could have picked up more marks.
I worked on that for Sunday at the squad training. In the warm up I focused completely on him going straight off my leg when I asked, and being light and in self carriage. He was a lot perkier in the test as he was outside next to fields of horses and he loves to be nosy and see what they are up to, however again he was extremely well behave and had no explosions or spooks. Sandy Phillips was the judge and trainer for the day and she gave us 66%, which I was pleased with. She gave us a mini-lesson just to try and fix a few things that went wrong in the test, and she was very good with a very positive approach!
Positive, successful and productive weekend!I am glad he didn't 'die' on me, I was worried that because we had to travel 3 hours to the squad training he would be a bit tired, but it seemed not! But boy was he tired when we got home. We had been out nearly 12 hours! Mum and I had to get up at 4.30am to drive to the yard to leave with Seb by 6am. I didn't sleep a wink all night, as my body didn't seem bothered when it knew it would have to be up so soon anyway so I was quite tired. We got back to the yard around 5pm and Seb was glad to see his stable full of fresh shavings and a big load of hay waiting for him. I don't quite know how he would be hungry though, he literally ate all the way there and back! It was heaven for him!
Positive, successful and productive weekend!So although a long and tiring weekend it was extremely positive, productive and motivating. Can't wait for our next PSG on Thursday, especially as Seb was absolutely amazing today. It feels like finally we are 'clicking' and all it has taken is some time for both of us to get to know each other without being told all the time what I should and shouldn't be doing. Sometimes it is best just to use your instinct, take peoples advice on board and try it in your own way. That's why I love having my mom on the ground, as she lets me do things the way I feel they should be done but she tells me what the picture looks like and what needs adjusting.
After our PSG on Thursday we have a week's break and then the important Addington High profile. Bring it on, Seb and I are sooo ready :D

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