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Positano Has Dressed Me up

By Marilovesgr33n @marilovesgr33n


As a tourist … in style, in soul and heart…





 If you want to imagine Positano think of a postcard of the 50′s. A landscape without space and time. A cliff. In place of the rock white houses, narrow streets and staircases. At its feet a sea of ​​the deepest blue. All around climbing bougainvillea and emerald green walls when hit by the sun.

When I go to a place like this, what I carry with me are the bold colors, the air filled by the perfume of the flowers, the smell of lemon and lavender. The moments lying on the sand at sunset doing just anything. The walks that last for hours but seem minutes. What I leave is always the desire to go back. And maybe visiting the same place with more awareness and less surprise.


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Pull & Bear top \ Blanco Denim short \ Panama \ D&G sunglasses \ Golden Havajanas

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