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Pores Begone!: BRTC Enzyme Refining Face Wash Review

By Beautyandthecheap @beautynthecheap
This review's been due for so so long! But as you guys know, I've been busy with my class assessments and photo shoots and barely had time to write at all. So, this review kept getting delayed for more than a month! >.< Although I am really sorry about that, all that time gave me a chance to thoroughly try out this product and give it a detailed review. ^_^Especially since we've had the craziest weather here, from cold and dry to hot and humid, I got to try this cleanser out in both climates.  The product of course is BRTC's Enzyme Refining face wash, a mild cleanser for hyper sensitive and irritated skin.Thank you BRTC for sending me this product for review. :D
About BRTC:BRTC stands for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics. It is a Korean company certified by the KFDA and is compliant with FDA rules. They say that they are Korea’s premium brand of botanical skincare and medical grade of BB Creams.  I can totally see why. Their innovative Science meets Nature ingredients have really blown me away.
Pores Begone!: BRTC Enzyme Refining Face Wash Review
BRTC Enzyme Refining Face wash is great for:
Pores Begone!: BRTC Enzyme Refining Face Wash Review
Ingredients:Pores Begone!: BRTC Enzyme Refining Face Wash Review
Price:$29 for 40g
Packaging:A simple white flip top bottle in a blue cardboard box. Like other BRTC products the packaging is quite serious looking and professional unlike most Korean brands that go for the cute look. 
Pores Begone!: BRTC Enzyme Refining Face Wash Review
Smell and Texture:
The cleanser is not a liquid, rather a white powder with orange and blue granules. At first I was fascinated at how much it looked like detergent! >.<But eventually you get used to the feel of it. And no it is not like detergent at all! LOL!All you have to do to get it working is mix with water and create a foam, the granules do dissolve. Which you can then apply and wash off or clean off with a sponge. Be careful that you don't get any water in the bottle, you will ruin it because it activates with water!
Pores Begone!: BRTC Enzyme Refining Face Wash Review
The smell is sweet and a bit medicinal but quite pleasant. It wears off after a while, so that's good for sensitive noses.
Efficiacy:My skin's gone through a lot recently because of crazy weather and crazy schedules. It's gone from dry to oily in a day but because I've been using the Enzyme wash everyday, at least I haven't had any break outs!
Pores Begone!: BRTC Enzyme Refining Face Wash Review

Pores Begone!: BRTC Enzyme Refining Face Wash Review

Effect on Pores (Immediate)

On oily skinOn a normal Mumbai day, my skin gets so oily, you could fry an egg on my face but thanks to BRTC's Enzyme Refining face wash, it has been MUCH better!Not only is my skin less shiny, pores are much smaller and my skin remains oil free for longer!Plus, I haven't seen a break-out for a long long time! *knocks on wood* My pores are always big and gaping, the face wash won't permanently zap them into oblivion but at least I can have well behaved pores for a while!
On dry skin My skin is a bit sensitive and goes red easily, this becomes much worse when it's dry.The face wash didn't help me much during my dry skin days. It did do everything it said on the box, from oil control to controlling blemishes but because of the oil control my skin got even drier. I needed quite a bit of moisturiser!EDIT: For dry skin, BRTC suggests using the cleanser only 1-3 days in a week, this will help it not get drier but you will still see results! So if you have dry skin, you don't need to be afraid of using it. :) Overall: So I would say, on dry skin be cautious while using this product, you might make your skin drier. But if you have oily skin, this cleanser is great! If you have oily skin with big pores, you'll want to try out the BRTC Golden Caviar BB cream after you use the face wash, it really helps in making the pores look non existent! ^_^
Overall, the Enzyme Refining Face Wash is a great cleanser! Especially for oily skin. The price seems a bit steep but I've used it for over a month and barely used up any. Beside no pimples is always a win win! >w<
Would you try the BRTC Enzyme Refining Face Wash? Share your thoughts! ^_^Thanks for reading!
Product sent for review. My opinion is honest and my own.

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