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Popsicle Stick House

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Popsicle Stick House I love crafting with little popsicle sticks, and made a variation of my other house project I posted here. This one has a more vertical, paneled look instead of the horizontal, log cabin look.
1. These little popsicle sticks I found at JoAnn Fabric’s, and are about 2 1/2" long. I started by lining up six sticks, and cut the ends off of two more so they could be glued to the back without showing as shown in diagram 1.
2. The roof starts with a frame as shown in diagram 2. Let dry.
3. Cut progressive ends off three more sticks so they can fill in the roof as shown. Let dry.
4. Glue and attach roof to house as shown and let dry.

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By Joshua Guico
posted on 06 July at 14:35

Oh my god anggaling ko nagaya ko agad kaso ang dali nemen nito so easy