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A Better Football Shirt 2018

By Golfrefugees

In 2018 there will be the 21 st FIFA Football (Soccer) World Cup being held in Russia. No doubt all of the leading sportswear brands will be supplying teams with polyester kit that shed thousands of plastic microfibres when washed.
A single wash of an average size machine load (6 kg) of polyester can shed 496,030 microfibres, according to research by Plymouth University. Just imagine how many ocean polluting plastic microfibres are shed during the entire season? There must be a better football shirt?
We are calling out to fashion schools, individual designers and organisations / brands that represent particular fibres to create 'a better football shirt'. A better football shirt for the player and the environment. And where former and present professional footballers can judge the submitted designs for 'a better football shirt'.#abetterfootballshirt

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