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By Thecleverpup @TheCleverPup
Polka-DotsMy husband likes Bob Dylan very much. I think he’s got everything ever recorded by him, legit or not. Together we’ve seen Dylan about 5 times.
Polka-DotsAlways one to break the mold, he asked me if I would keep my eye out for an iconic Bob Dylan-style polka-dot shirt for him. I looked for years but I’ve had no luck except to find 3 for myself.
Polka-DotsIn my neighbourhood lives a man who looks a little like Dylan; shortish with a mop of curly graying hair plus bushy sideburns and a predominant nose. He’s aware of the resemblance because every day he dresses like Dylan circa 1964 - wearing men’s boots with Spanish heels, the ubiquitous Ray-Bans, and tight little black blazers over top of a selection of Dylanesque polka-dot shirts. So that’s where all the polka-dot shirts went! He's been one step ahead of me all the way!
Polka-DotsHe’s always in costume. When he’s not in Dylan polka-dots, he and his girlfriend dress up like the cover of Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.
In the meantime, I’ve changed my mind about buying my husband a polka-dot shirt. After all, one can’t stay forever young. Thing is, my local Dylan wannabe, while historically stuck in the early 60’s is also about 50 years old (and a little overweight). My husband saw him on the streetcar the other day and said “You know our Dylan Look-alike? It’s time for him to move on. He’s looking more like Charles Tupper these days than Bob.”
Charles Tupper was Canada’s 6th Prime Minister. But it was so true. I laughed ‘til I cried.
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By John Hughes
posted on 17 June at 13:18
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I am writing a book on Bob Dylan and would be interested in using one of these photos (either the colour green and white polka dot one, or the one with the VW in the background) as a cover photo. I wonder if you knew who had rights for one or both of these?

John Hughss