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Pointless Ginger Wig Adaptations #65 – Stonehenge

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback

Archeologists have recently discovered ancient ginger follicles in the ground around Stonehenge adding fuel to the theory, that the Henge was a giant hairdresser’s where Neolithic men and woman could have a spot of “me” time before spearing a sabre tooth tiger, being cheeky to mammoths or being given up as a blood sacrifice.

Heavily side burned Archeologist, Archie Evil-Do-Reside-’Ere, told Gfb, “There be evil in these ‘ere stones. Trust me. I know. Whenever I come close to them, me corns  play up. A true sign of evil lurkin’. Fancy a pint?”

stonhenge copy 4

Stonehenge could have looked like this

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