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Poetry // the Captain of My Ship

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez
THE CAPTAIN OF MY SHIPAs the troubled waters grew turbulentHitting her ship this end and thatWilling it navigate out of her control
She wrestles; firm feet planted on the groundSilky dress flailing in the stormGlass shoes a million cracks appear
The wind; it howls, the waters bellow And the rain lashes out like a million tiny stonesBut her life, her path, her destinyShe would be damned if storms from her them keep
“Let go” he saysBut her worth, her joy, her ship To him she would not releaseWho knew not his worth, his joy, his ship“Let go” he says “give me reign”
Amidst her fears and trepidationHe rights her ship; tossing old cargoes, tightening ropesShe gives him reignFor he is indeed a captainHer ship he can control
------Inez Anigbogu

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