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Poetry // Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hide

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez
DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HIDEBuried deep within is a dark secret that he hidesLurking in this darkness is the threat against my soulBut, I listen to his sweet wordsAnd look upon his handsome faceOne eye says I’ll love you forever The other eye promises to let loose the darkness within
My lover; he bares secretsI have tasted the bitter truth when for once they did spill Then came the promises of the sweet handsome doctorAnd I wonder if it was the bitter truth or an illusion my eye had once beheld
My lover; he hides secretsI wonder as I gaze upon his handsome face which would be the wiserTo burrow through the darkness or pretend it naught exists
-------Inez Anigbogu

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