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Podcasters: How to Reach Some and How to Be One.

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
I just saw the January 26th podcast of the DNews Channel on You Tube and got the 411 on camera lens flares. He is in very diverse company. Self-help, comedy, Sci Fi, and author interviews are popular subjects of podcasts. I found this podcaster on the Podcasters and Fans United page on Facebook. Here is their link:
I went down the page, scouting out podcasts and came upon three other shows. The first one is Success Freaks: Own Your Life. This sounded compelling enough for me to click on their link. You can leave the podcasters Mordant and McFall a voicemail from your computer, if you so desire. Where else can you find a motivational comedy show? Look out for the gremlins and rising dorks!
Want to interact? The DPS Show lets you chat while watching the video feed. The third show is Finding Bryan which offers self-help and self-improvement as podcaster Bryan Goodwin tries to find himself through you. In Episodes 4 and 5, Bryan talks about core values. Bryan uses the analogy of a journey in which your mission statement is your inner compass, your goals are your map and core values are landmarks on the landscape that help you navigate the process of making improvements in your life.
I looked to see if there were any podcasters who interviewed authors. I found the Reading and Writing Podcast to be full of author interviews. Link: the Inside Scoop Live podcast, authors can request an interview! Link: Katherine Lanpher hosts One on One Author Interviews. Here is the link for her show:
I haven't forgotten about stand-up comics. I looked for comedy podcasters and hit pay dirt. Here is the link for Best Comedy Podcasts: The Stand-Up Chronicles podcaster interviews a new comic every week. Here's the link:
Do you want to start your own podcast? Here's your chance. Seasoned podcaster Ray Ortega hosts the Podcaster's Studio and Podcast Quick Tips. You can visit both shows by following this web link: you only have one question you need answered fast and free, Ray is always available on Twitter:  @PodcastHelper. He also has a consulting service.
So if you want to watch a show, seek an interview or be a podcaster, you can get started.

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