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By Marensmorsels @marentweets

This blog should be called Maren’s Breakfasts instead of morsels. All I seem to post about is breakfast lately. I’m going to try to get back on my usual posting schedule this weekend. I just need a little kick in the blogging behind.

So… I have some news. I jointed Weight Watchers Online a few days ago. I was a member of WW in 2007 and 2008 where I did most of my weight loss by learning about portions and the nutritional value of food. I saw a commercial for the new Points Plus program, which assigns points values to food through a formula that takes into account Fat, Carbs, Fiber, and Protein. I liked that their new program doesn’t look at caloric value but at nutrition content. I’m trying to get fit and slim by graduation and I thought this would be a healthy way to help me reach my goals.

I do love Weight Watchers, I still cook a lot of the same recipes I did while I was a member years ago, but I think the true success is being able to transition from the program into life while continuing the healthy living habits.


photo (5)

I made a turkey and cheese omelet. Do you ever know how to spell omelet? I think there are a few acceptable ways… but I never know which one is best.

This breakfast was 8pp (that’s 8 points plus). I used a great little trick I learned from the first time I was on the program. I used 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites instead of 3 eggs. I can’t even tell the difference taste wise.

photo (2)

I seasoned the eggs with salt, pepper, and onion powder and I used colby jack cheese and turkey breast for the filling.

Open-mouthed smile
Good Breakfast!

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How Does WW work?

Well each day I’m allotted 31 points to eat. Then I also have a weekly allowance of 49 points to use how I want. I like to keep these for special occasions or days where we go out to eat. But some people I know split them up evenly every day.

The newest feature that I LOVE is the Weight Watchers Mobile app which makes tracking points so easy. Everything is hard at first. Tracking points is darn hard! But after a week or so I usually have a good idea of how many points are in all my favorite foods. And the key is to remember that you don’t have to be perfect. The best part of WW is that each day is a new start no matter how good or bad you did the day before. I get 31 new points every day. And each week is a new fresh week. This just sets me up for success.

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