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Please Give This Entry A “C+” In The Comments Section!

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

The Morning Call reports that a Lehigh University graduate is suing her former school for $1.3 million for being given a grade of a “C+”.

According to the former student and her lawyer, this forced her out of a graduate program, resulting in her only getting a masters degree, which will lead to $1.3 million less in income during her lifetime.

What did she allegedly do to earn the low grade? From the article:

“She needed a B to take the next course of her field work requirement… she would have received that grade but for the zero in classroom participation that she was awarded by her teacher… [including] swearing in class and, on one occasion, having an outburst in which she began crying.”

3 Lessons From This Case

1. You can give a student a C+, and they can go on to be President George W. Bush. Or they can sue you for giving them that grade, and potentially obtain an out-of-court settlement. In other words, despite the grade appearing low, it is a recipe for future good times for the student, much like the recipe for the orange Canadian soft drink C’Plus!

2. Some schools think “swearing in class” is not “participating.” What a @%*)@#$ rip-off!

3. If you receive a Valentine today, and do not find it amusing, do not return it with a grade of “C+” marked on it, as you might get sued for millions!

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