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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself. No Sympathy Here.

By Waiterstoday @Waiters_Today

Please allow me to introduce myself. No sympathy here.

Hi, Blogapaloozers. Good day to you, and hats off to my fellow bloggers for some truly awesome blogs. I've been thoroughly entertained the past week and it's a thrill to see Waiter's Today getting some of the recognition it deserves. A SoMe platform for restaurant pros. How cool is that?

I was starting to realize that, maybe, due to my scattered content on Waiter's Today, and the clearly amateur design of my blog, it might be unclear where BluntDinerz is coming from, and perhaps I seem abrasive. Don't get me wrong, I didn't call the blog ButterflyDinerz, and if something gets me worked up, I'm gonna let it flow on the blog. I write 95% of my posts in the editor in free-form. That's the only way I can disco.

Please, allow me to introduce myself and my blog.

BluntDinerz Las Vegas Food and Drink Blog is for readers who would prefer not to migraine through the bloated musings of yelpers,and those who are prone to tell it like it is. BluntDinerz is based in Las vegas, NV. You'll find Las Vegas restaurant reviews, cocktail recipes, food truck blogging, beer blogging, ethnic food, and much more. Including service industry related content, and my personal opinions about, well, everything. If you haven't figured it out yet, I like to hear myself type.

I am a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute, in New York City. I have traveled all over this great land and have worked in virtually every capacity as a restaurant employee. Currently, I'm on a permanent leave of absence from anything related to time clocks and 'bosses.'  I'm on a mission. Total Jake and Elwood style.

The aim of BluntDinerz Las Vegas Food and Drink Blog is to show a side of Las Vegas that most haven't really seen, and to share what I've learned over the years. One of those things being a monster cocktail, and I offer a custom cocktail to any reader of my blog who would like one. I have a blast doing it. Hopefully, we will bust some myths and straighten out a few common misnomers about this great city, and make some wonderful friends in the process.

I will be the first to agree with you that this a twenty-four hour, surrealistic, mind F of epic proportions, and this city is basically jacked. We have half-ass city leaders who will rape this town for a fuckin' quarter. This state is dead last in the nationin education. The hotels will always have busboys though.

That being said, if you're a visitor to Las Vegas, believe me I've got your number and you're a dime a dozen. Which is to say that everyone falls into a stereotype to some degree, and it takes about two seconds for most service industry employees to size you up to a T. Strictly in terms of how generous and/or pleasant you will, or won't be. Regardless, I've got plenty to say about Las Vegas tourists.

I will keep BluntDinerz a no-holds-barred blog and I welcome all to comment. Anyone is invited to use my blog and 'get up in the grill' of some bar, or restaurant, that showed obvious lack of care and/or respect. On the flip side of that slot token, by no means do I accentuate the negative on BluntDinerz. I want to hear about the triumphs and the superstars. It gives me warm fuzzies. Just don't go on and on about it, for crying out loud.

What I don't want to hear about is your bad day getting worse because the restaurant was out of mango iced tea and your server could have been 'a lot nicer' about breaking the news to you, and you didn't care for the decor. [email protected]#$%' Yelp, man. Total monkey-fest over there. Seriously though, don't nitpick.

To sum it up, I'll tell you what a manager named Tim, at 'The Crocodile Cafe' once told me right before he offered me a job. He said, "Basically, just don't be a dick to anyone, and we won't have any problems."
Words to live by.

I look forward to talking it up with you and I look forward to seeing you there. thanks for reading my second post in The Waiter's Today Blogapalooza Contest. Please click LIKE if you enjoyed my posts. Thanks.

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