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Planning Your Family Holiday!

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx
Planning Your Family Holiday!

Family holidays are one of those things that you and your little ones will always remember, quality time together away from all the technology we now have, time to bond and have an amazing time! Try not to stress too much, instead try and be nice and organised and put the important things at the top of your list! I have written a few things below to get you started.. 

PassportsIf you're going abroad, make sure everything is in order and ready, especially passports. Give plenty of time for photos and documents to be processed, and give room for any errors too! Once you've got them all ready, put them in your safe place (not too safe you'll forget where they are..)! And leave them there, don't take them out to show how cute your little one's picture is, because it could end up being thrown under the sofa never to be seen again! LuggageYou might think it's ok to just use the same old suitcases you've always used, but this time round you will need a new one for your little one (babies need lots and lots of bits!) why not invest in some suitcase sets for the whole family, that way you can get everything you need in one purchase and also save yourself some money too! Depending on how long you are going away for and how much you need, mossman trunks with those cabin locks are a really good idea, especially if you are taking lots of toys, they will keep everything in order and nice and secure too! Why not get some special scales too so you can make sure they don't weigh too much too! 

Order in nappiesTo save yourself storage space why not pre-order nappies to arrive at your hotel? Yes that really exists! I only found out myself recently and think its a genius idea! Don't worry, you don't have to use a different brand, there are websites that stock your favorite nappies and ship to hundreds of countries worldwide, could you imagine the amount of nappies you would need to pack in your luggage for a 2 week holiday?? Think it would need it's own aeroplane!Organise ClothesIf you're going to a hot country obviously you'll need thinner clothing but just incase there is a bad day or two, take some cardigans and blankets, weather can be rather unpredictable! So be prepared for all types of weather, even packing your umbrella!  Some outfits you don't mind getting dirty are a good idea too so they don't ruin all their cute little outfits! A couple of bits they can run around in and drop food down if they want!Have fun!Try not to stress too much, after all, it's a holiday, no stress is allowed! Enjoy quality time with your family, do as much as you can and have fun! Oh and don't forget to take your camera! :) x

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