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Planning To Get Your Project Funded Online? See How Crowdfunding Websites Work…

Posted on the 20 March 2014 by Adeyemiadisa @adeyemiadisa
By Elechi Emekobum - March, 20th 2014
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*What are Crowdfunding websites and how do they work?
*How to get your project funded through Crowdfunding
*Entrepreneurs, project owners and Crowdfunding
*Investors, project backers and Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding your project 300x203 Planning To Get Your Project Funded Online? See How Crowdfunding Websites Work...Each of the Crowdfunding websites offers a great avenue or the platform for entrepreneurs to raise money to finance their great ideas.

Crowdfunding is just a new way to invest. It offers people the opportunity to invest and follow a company’s progress and be part of their success.

Crowdfunding methods have helped thousands of entrepreneurs across the globe. It’s is now becoming a really popular way to raise fund, especially, amongst the young entrepreneurs aspiring to make it big.

Investors, family, friends or people with an interest in a business now have an easy way to invest in people and companies that they want to support with Crowdfunding.

How Crowdfunding Websites Work…?

As mentioned above, Crowdfunding gives you the platform to raise money and generate support for individual projects and gives the crowd the opportunity to invest in an idea they believe in.

Entrepreneurs or the people behind the great ideas submit them to Crowdfunding websites adding rewards, a project video, their story and images to launch their campaigns.

Lots of people – each giving a small amount – can make good things happen. The ‘crowd’ decides what’s good, what’s not, what they want to fund and what they don’t. If the crowd doesn’t back the project then it won’t happen.

Usually, you will have 4 to 6 weeks to raise a target amount via an organised campaign. The of the Crowdfunding website platforms work on an ‘all or nothing’ basis. This means that no funds will be released unless the target is met.

Communities can individually pledge money to a project and in return will receive a reward. Rewards are usually given in return for pledges and can be anything from a personalised thank you letter to a one-off experience.

Crowdfunding Entrepreneur / Project Owner

Crowdfunding websites are great for gaining a massive fan base and test your idea out on the crowd, thus validating your idea. A fun, easy and fast way of raising money without borrowing from the banks.

It couldn’t be easier to raise money. All you need is a good idea, some tangible rewards, a short project video explaining what your project is and most importantly passion.

Posting your project on most of the Crowdfunding websites is free, and all project owners offer rewards to investors in return for pledges from as little as $5. And if you don’t hit your target you don’t get charged.

Crowdfunding Investors / Backers

As an investor or a project backer, Crowdfunding websites offer a great avenue to you to back projects that are close to your hearts; making it super easy for you to invest your money.

In return for funding a project you will usually get a reward from the project owner. This could be anything from a ‘big thank you’ to a one off tailored reward just for you, both the project owner and backer win.

Most of the Crowdfunding websites take payments via electronic payment services such as PayPal.

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