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Places to Visit: The Simpsons' Theme Park

By Raquelritz @RaquelRitz
Probably so far you know that Orlando has the most theme parks per square mile in the world. I think I have never told you that I am really keen on theme parks, not too obsessed with them, but I like them. Whenever a have spare time, I always tend to visit them.
One day I will in Florida for sure, but now I have one more reason: visiting The Simpson's Springfield! Although I think they deserve a theme park on their own, Universal has decided better adding it to Universal Studios. 

Places to visit: The Simpsons' theme park

Springfield according to Universal

As  you can see, the city does not look much like the Simpsons one, but at least you the a Krusty Burger, Moe's and even the famous Duff beer.
Places to visit: The Simpsons' theme park

And where is the family's home 
Places to visit: The Simpsons' theme park
? It is not there, isn't it a pity? Don't they really think the famous yellow family deserves a whole them park for themselves? 

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