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“Places to Visit” Journal Page

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro

“Places to Visit” Journal Page I used two laws of perspective to help give this art some depth – with distance, similar shapes appear to get smaller and colors in general get lighter.
1. Draw a map-like border around the edge of the paper. Draw a horizon line about 2/3 down. Draw a road that narrows with distance and trees that get smaller,
2. With the lettering, stagger the placement to both loosen up the look and hopefully the students. This journal should be one place where they don't have to worry about keeping things in straight lines. Trace everything with a black Sharpie, going over the headline letters twice to make them darker.
3. Color in the pages with colored pencils. I used the lightest shade of green for the distance fields, and a darker for the area that is up close. 

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