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Pittsburgh Skies IV [Sky Watch Friday]

By Shattman

This posting will conclude my ‘Pittsburgh Skies’ mini-series. During our visit there, we were fortunate to stay in a hotel near the river, which afforded a good view [of course, I did my homework and made sure that that would be the case] and ready access to the promenade along the Allegheny River [which was an unexpected bonus]. While the day view from our room was so-so, the one at sunset really caught me by surprise; and I was certainly glad to have taken my tripod along. In the distance, the lights from the PNC ball park are evident; I don’t know why since there was no game scheduled. For those who might be curious, the shot was taken as follows [1/6 sec., f/11, ISO 200]. I did not do any post-editing to reduce the number of white lights in the foreground.
Pittsburgh Skies IV  [Sky Watch Friday]
In the mini-series, I have posted several photos taken along this walk down to the Point State Park. Still, I thought I’d add one more as I really loved the bridges and sky line. Behind the Roberto Clemente Bridge is the PNC ball park, already noted above. Alas, the Pirates are out of the playoffs and no more games will be played here until 2014.Pittsburgh Skies IV  [Sky Watch Friday]

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