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Pineapple Tutorial

By Mamakbest @mamakbest

Hey curly girls!!

I often get asked what my nightly ritual is to protect my curls and to keep the next morning from being a total nightmare! So I began to discuss and post pictures of my pineapple, but people were still a little confused as to how I got there or why I pineapple! The pineapple method is used to protect & preserve your curls, to minimize drying out & the frizzies & some even use it to stretch their curls!  I didn’t invent pineapple method, but I do break it down in the picture below! I hope this helps! xok



 1. Take a bandana or scarf (satin or silk is best for your curls) & fold the bottom corner flat.

2. Flip hair over & stretch the scarf across the back of your head.

3. Hold the 2 corners in the front while pulling the top of the scarf all the way up, making room for all the hair.

4. Tie the two corners in the front.

5. Sleep tight:)

* If your hair is long & you don’t like the hair in your face, you can always wear a bonnet over the pineapple!

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