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Pinch, Punch, Your Treat This Month...?

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
pinch, punch, your treat this month...?
Pinch, punch, first day of the month!
We've all been recently paid and I know Christmas is just next month *panic*... *breathe*. However, we all deserve a treat. So if you haven't done already check out my favorite new website...
I've been kinda intrigued by this website for a while and It's one of those things where I think, "yes, must go on it" and never have. A few days ago I finally remembered and I decided to see what this big hype was all about. Stylist Pick  is completely what women have been crying out for and I for one have become somewhat obsessed! Working in high end retail and styling my customers, I've seen exactly  how depressing some women can find shopping, almost feeling lost and confused. I always get an amazing feeling when you see how grateful they are for your advice and help. Personal styling however isn't something, unfortunately, that you'll find on High Street shops like Topshop: a massive annoyance to those who can't afford to be splashing out on a £200 dress from another retailer. This is where the website really comes into its own and with each item costing just £39.95 you're going to be HOOKED! The process goes through asking a series of questions, from who's your favorite celebrity style to what color tones you prefer. I was interested to find out my result, not knowing how accurate it could really be. You're then entered into your showroom where you view your results and see what the stylists choices for you would be. Anyone who knows me, will vouch for the fact I am 100% fussy down to the finest detail, but honestly they got me, my style and my personality SPOT ON! So impressed, every bag and shoe left me drooling and I suddenly found myself delving into my handbag to get my card at the ready! A free styling service, showing you beautiful products that are not necessarily on the High Street, at just £39.95?! I'm SOLD! I've just received my email with my November showroom... off I go to spend.
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