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Pin Me Up!

By Cgajid @cgajid

The 50s is an iconic decade for the vintage fashion industry. When a lot of us think of the 50s we think 'Pinup Girls'; those sexy but sweet little ladies who sure knew how to act cheeky. This look has become popular in modern day editorial shoots and has even been a featured shoot in America's Next Top Model.
They could go from glam..
Pin Me Up!
To God-damn-hot!..
Pin Me Up!
And a little bit cheeky 
Pin Me Up!
The idea of a pin up girl was to informalise every day chores; to manage to make standard life look sexy! A Pinup girl could be from a glamour model to an actress.
An iconic Pinup girl that springs to mind is the drop-dead-gorgeous Betty Grable, born Elizabeth Ruth on December 18th 1916, teasing the world until July 2nd 1973. Betty was an American actress, dancer and singer, and she was gorgeous! The perfect package...
You can look but you can't touch ;)
Pin Me Up!
Her iconic bathing suit photo made her the No.1 Pinup girl of the WW11 era! It was then later included in the 'Life' magazine project ''one hundered photos that changed the world'' and here is the beauty:
Pin Me Up!
What we would do to have legs like hers... Grable was particularly noted for having the most beautiful legs in Hollywood- hardly surprising!! And of course studio publicity widely dispersed photos featuring these stunning pins. I mean for crying out loud! Her legs were named 'the ideal proprtion' and were insured by her studio for a wopping 1 million dollars! I wonder if they are on sale... Just kidding.
Well, thanks to Miss Betty Grable Pinup has become a popular theme in the fashion industry! Although all the models are secretly in competition to compete with her legs ;) we at have just added some fabulous Pinup dresses to the store! We have been so excited about launching these we know you are gonna' love them! Check them out and get your Pinup look, you never know, you could be the next Betty Grable ;)
Lots of love to Betty and all the other vintage lovers,
Vinchi x

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