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Posted on the 23 July 2014 by Yamini
Shashi heard Anita speak on the phone, that some Aparna had died.
Shashi was just about to take a nap after her lunch and the phone rang. It was the landline and she couldn't find the cordless near her. At her age, Shashi found it difficult to walk fast, she forcibly pushed herself out of her bed and got to the telephone. It was some Aparna, asking for Anita. "She is not a home now", said Shashi, wanting to quickly end the conversation and get some rest. But the voice on the other side persisted, "I think of calling in the mornings, but I have to do my household work and in the evening she is busy. She doesn't call me at all, so I thought this would be a good time to talk...." and she went on to recount the story of how she had met Aparna and headed towards what she does in her everyday life. Shashi was very disinterested in the beginning, but continued to listen to not offend her. "Would you think otherwise, that I am talking to some unknown person so much?", Aparna said, "But what do I do, I don't have anyone to talk to", she added immediately. "No I wouldn't misunderstand", said Shashi.
Aparna continued to call Shashi, once or twice a week, the same time. She would tell her stories of her youth, her life, her problems and Shashi would listen patiently, agreeing to some, adding to some. After a while, Shashi also expected her to call, afterall that was the only call she would get apart from the call from her daughter living abroad.
Shashi, heard the news of her death. Sat there for a moment. She would not get any phonecalls anymore. She then got up to make herself a cup of tea. 

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