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Philippines: Colored Chicks

By Linus
Philippines: Colored ChicksColorful chicks are for sale at the busy sidewalk in Manila, Philippines which is a hit and popular among kids named after a computer game "angry birds".  Animal rights activists are against of selling newborn chicks and coloring them which is in violation of the Animal Welfare Act. The coloring of the chicks involves food coloring which is safe according to vendors.
CNN PRODUCER NOTE  linusesc shot this picture of artificially-dyed chicks meant to resemble "Angry Birds" for sale at a street vendor in Manila, Philippines. 'The chicks have to be soaked and sprayed in food color which is unpleasant to look at afterwards,' he said. 'When the children played with the chicks they suffered stress and lead to death, because oftentimes the children treat them as a toy not as a pet.' 
jmsaba, CNN iReport producer
Philippines: Colored Chicks

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