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Philippe Excoffier (not Escoffier) in the 6th: A (relatively) Undiscovered Find.

By Johntalbott

Mayjune 2012 001
7.0 Philippe Excoffier, 18, rue de l'Exposition, (Buses: #80 and 90),, closed Saturday noon and Sundays, opened almost a year ago but really didn't create much of a buzz then.  This is a little surprising since he trained with Guy Martin & Alain Senderens, did 10 years time at the American Embassy, and wrote a book on his recipes there.  No matter; a glowing review in the Le Monde woke me up and I went today with my longest-going French-French friend in town.

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Mayjune 2012 003


While there is a 25 for 2, 29 E for 3-course "menu, the 37 E menu-carte appealed to both of us much more.

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Mayjune 2012 006


She chose a "salad" of artichoke quarters, beets, limas and white truffle slices which was outstanding and my sauteed foie gras was incredibly and perfectly offset by what was called a minestrone of pineapple slices.

Mayjune 2012 007

Mayjune 2012 008


My good old friend, pondering the fine alternatives, chose to go with the daurade with vegetables and a potato puree, a good choice, and I took the duck filets which were underdone as I like them, with my favorite tiny, slightly salted potatoes from Noirmoutier; again all exellent.

Mayjune 2012 009

Mayjune 2012 010


We both hankered after the Dome of Chocolate and enjoyed that as well as the nummies and coffee that followed.

Mayjune 2012 004

With a bottle and glass of red Loire, splendid crusty warm bread and no bottled water, our bill was 117 E.

Go?  Escoffier/Excoffier/whatever, the guy can cook.

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