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PGA Tour Players Share Golf Tips in Men's Fitness

By Golfforbeginners

Although I rarely have reason to flip through testoterone-laden magazines such as Men's Fitness, after hearing that a section was dedicated to improving aspects of the golf game, I took a look.

Yes, there are plenty of "buff" males in the May 2011 issue but I kept focused on the task at hand, thumbing through the pages until I came across the golf tips.

After passing segments entitled "Gut Check", "Fast Lane" and the "Cardio Workout from Hell", I came upon Rickie Fowler dressed in bright green golf clothes and three pages jam-packed with golf exercises, tips and tricks designed to transform "lifters" into "players".


In MF Golf '11's "Own the Green", Scott Riehl offers up a golf-specific training routine to help improve balance while working the torso. There are also quick fixes if you're tight or erratic. Camilo Villegas' tip, "I don't care what position your club is in, you have to be able to repeat the same motion over and over."

The segment which I enjoyed the most was "The Clinic", where a few better-known PGA Tour golfers shared their do's and dont's for warm-up and during the round.

Zack Johnson, the 2007 Masters Champion offers, "When you warm up, hit twenty to twenty-five wedges, a few middle irons and ten to fifteen 3-woods and drivers," giving yourself ten minutes to putt.

Johnson also mentioned that the secret to regularly hitting crisp chip shots and maintaining solid distance control is by keeping your hands in front of the golf club. "That's how the club is designed to be struck," Zack mentioned. "The only time you let the club past your hands is on a flop shot...when you're hitting sand or turf below the ball."

Although this "monthly" is great for guys who want to see Lady Gaga's pants painted on or to achieve the ultimate arm workout, Men's Fitness is definitely not a magazine that I would subscribe to, now or in the future. I do receive the ladies' version called "Fitness" but I think it was sent to me in error (did I click send in Publisher's Clearing House by mistake?) Still, the only thing I learned from it was how to do a handstand: I nearly broke my kneecap the first time I tried it so now I've become wary...

That being said, the golf section was okay but, if you want to read magazines about the sport, stick with Golf Digest or Golf World.

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