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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
Well, hello everyone! After a long absence I have decided that I really need to get inspired.
It is strange that given these past sixteen weeks of lockdown I have not put pen to paper, except to write shopping lists! I am afraid that today's poem comes from the past too... probably written circa 1965. Lying among my archives I have this short poem. Actually it is fairly appropriate given this week's blog title, as it expresses the aroma of "laid dust" synonymous with the scent that magically appears after a gentle shower onto parched, dry land. I never knew it had a name until I discovered it somewhere, wrote it down and nominated it as a blog title!
So I do hope the poem evokes some memories  for you all.
The Passing Of The Rain
The shower has passed and leaves behind the smell of new-cut  hay.
The sky has cleared, and the sun beams down its golden ray.
The birds have started singing again,
So this is the passing of the rain!
Mother Nature yawns and stretches out her hand
To revive, to waken all living things on land.
The frisky mare tosses her mane,
So this is the passing of the rain!
Birds splash and flap in puddles that are left.
Tiny snails can leave their small wall cleft.
Rabbits run gaily along the lane,
So this is the passing of the rain!

Well I do hope you liked my wee contribution and thank you for reading. Take care all, keep safe.

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