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Peter Pan Donuts

By Mahlzeit
Goddammit! I had been hearing (and reading) for years that Peter Pan Donuts made the best doughnuts in NYC, but since they are located in fucking Greenpoint, I refused to consider the possibility. A few nights ago, my friend Elizabeth mentioned doughnuts, and I realized I had not had a decent doughnut in, literally, years - which includes those hipster creations/abominations they sell at the Doughnut Plant (and don't get me started about cinnamon rolls - New York is an abysmal town for cinnamon rolls) - so. predictably, I developed a craving. Then it happened that I was within striking distance of Greenpoint today, and I decided to swing by.
It was, admittedly, late in the day, and most items were sold out, including my usual litmus test for a doughnut joint, the classic glazed yeast doughnut. But there were a few marble (cake) crullers left, and I espied a sour cream doughnut or two - enough for a preliminary sampling.
They are fabulous.
Peter Pan Donuts
I feel confident the glazed doughnuts are every bit as wonderful... dammit. Why does Peter Pan have to been in fucking inaccessible Greenpoint??
Peter Pan Donuts
727 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn 11222

(G train to Nassau Ave.)

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