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By Shawnaschuh

Having a Little Rum Cake!

Next Monday is Christmas and that day means many things to many people. For little kids it means the magic of Santa. For a lot of adults it means responsibility.

Think about all you are responsible for: You are the one making the lists and checking them twice. Remembering the people throughout the year who have served you, or are close to you.

Do you have the right gift? Do you have a gift? Did you wrap it, send it, give it?

Pet Women Weekly – The Adult in the Equation
Yesterday, the lovely woman who does my bookkeeping was here and brought me rum cake she had made. She warned me, “There is a LOT of rum in it!” and suggested I wait to eat it after I finished my work. “Nonsense!” said I. I wanted to experience it with her there, let her see my enjoyment and pleasure in her gift. It was delicious and I am actually having a little in between my typing these words, yum!

On my end, I did not have her gift wrapped, nor card signed, nor was I prepared.

I’m writing this two weeks before Christmas. Surely I have the time, surely I will see her again prior to the day? And it seems I will not. That I have missed the opportunity for her to be as delighted as I was. 

It is too late for me in this instance. And since this is being sent to you with only 4 days to go to Christmas eve, it is probably too late for you also.  I will see her right after Christmas so will delight her then and convince myself it’s even better this way, but it’s not.

I am the adult. This is my business and my responsibility and I missed the opportunity this time.


1. Plan ahead better so by the first week of December my gifts are purchased and wrapped.
2. Schedule my gift giving, so I can delight all those who serve me so well – Mail people, the lovely people at my nail salon, housekeeper, etc.
3. Relish the responsibility and ability that I have to delight and appreciate many people in my life.
4. Focus on the one giving, and not my embarrassment in unpreparedness. Why steal from their joy?

Hopefully this post will help you be more prepared, it may have reminded you of a couple of people who you could surprise and delight, and mostly it’s about how being a responsible adult is a gift and how we can weave our own magic to those we have in our lives.

Merry Christmas! You are a gift to me.

Blessings, Shawna

Pet Women Weekly – The Adult in the Equation


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Pet Women Weekly – The Adult in the Equation

Pet Women Weekly – The Adult in the Equation

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Pet Women Weekly – The Adult in the Equation


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