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Personal Chats with Satan

By Mjstoner @Crazy_Customers
A dirty looking man comes through my line carrying a large bag that probably carrys all his possessions. He's been in line for a while and keeps staring at the floor muttering to himself. He hands me a bunch of bottle reciepts and asks if I've been 'saved'. I told him I was atheist, he asks "so you worship the devil?", I told him no I don't worship anything, I don't believe in religion. He starts rambling about how the world is full of sinners and how we are all going to Hell. I will say I agree that the world sucks.
Suddenly he stops and looks down, muttering to himself. He says  in all seriousness "I talked to Satan." "Oh really?" I replied. He said "Yeah, he told me you're going to Hell"
So I go to my supervisor a little freaked out and tell her what happened. Her response "Where's your name tag?"
Personal chats with Satan

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