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By Mjstoner @Crazy_Customers
One of my first posts Why just eat the candy bar when the wrapper is the best part? talked about a lady who I now know as a regular. For obvious privacy reasons we'll call her "Joan". I see this lady several times a week usually around 3 am when she buys chocolate and ice cream. She's always in a rush and has an appointment in 7 minutes. When I first saw her I thought she had a blue tooth. No she doesn't... She talks to herself, her candy and ice cream, sometimes I'm not even sure she's talking to me.
Joan's an older woman who wears glasses, is probably in her 50's. She's kind of short with long white hair. She's usually wearing one of those paperboy hats. She seems a bit out of it and slurs her words some what.
She's a nice person, the first time I checked her out I gave her her change and told her to have a nice night. She walked half way out the door, turned around to me and said dramatically "I love you. DON'T kill yourself." and walked out. Ok...
What scares me about her a little bit is that she's the one counseling the crazy people at the local mental home. I see a lot of people who work at the same place as her and they all know exactly who I'm talking about when I mention her. I've heard she sits in the parking lot at her job and smokes weed in her car.
I would love to smoke a joint with this lady.

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