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People Skills: When Will You Have The Time?

By Shawnaschuh
TIME FLIES.....................*

Image by Neal. via Flickr

Yesterday – I may have wasted some time – and yet I say to myself and out loud, “I don’t have enough time!” Which is my excuse, maybe yours…

Let’s ask ourselves an important question:

When will you ever have more time than you do right now?

Think about that question – when will you ever have more time than right now – right this moment?

Of course we know the answer and so the deeper question is what are we waiting for? What are we thinking that prevents us from using this right now time better?

An even better question is – from this moment on how can I use my time better?

If you’re seeking happiness, abundance, joy –

Right now – can you be grateful?

Right now – can you pick up the phone and connect with someone?

Right now – can you smile and say a kind word?

Right now – can you do the most important task on your priority list?

Right now – can you right down your priority list, or your goals, or your dreams?

The answer is always yes –

Right now – be here in this moment – enjoy it, revel in it and connect with the fact you have it –

Use it to create, relate and love – it’s a beautiful moment – use it well!

Here is a quote to get us started from Mother Teresa:

“It is not how much you do, but how much love you put into the doing that matters.”

Love your moments today – and remember:

You create Your day by the way you think! Make it magnificent.

Blessings, Shawna

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