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People Skills: Listen Like a Dog

By Shawnaschuh

People Skills: Listen Like a DogDogs know how to listen – and it’s one of their most admirable traits – or maybe the part I like is less that they listen – and more that they don’t talk – or interject or argue, or interrupt.

What joy it is to walk along a country road with a dog or two, sharing out loud concerns, ideas and issues you need to hear for yourself, yet you know your words aren’t fit for another human.

The dog in this picture is Elly, who loves those country roads for the dirt she can collect!

You even know your words aren’t fit for a dog however letting them spill out and away from  you – knowing the dog doesn’t know or care about your co-workers, in-laws or finances is really comforting.

My dogs like my presentation practice, even when I tell a certain section multiple times to get the timing right – they wag their tails and I know I can do it all again.

When I am mulling over a challenge, or want to express frustration they are right there at hand to let the words fall over them and splatter on the ground – which is where they belong anyway – rather than letting them continue to upset me.

The fact that a dog is such a comfortable companion to talk to is a great people skill lesson for all of us to remember.

How can we be more open to simply listen and not interject our opinions or thoughts when someone we love speaks?

How can we be more dog like in accepting whatever comes out of a loved one’s mouth as simply words – and not to take those words personally?

What if today – you took some canine traits to help you profit more with people? What if today – you simply listened and didn’t say anything at all?

I’ll wag my tail over that one!

Remember, you create your day by the way you think! Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna

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