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By Shawnaschuh
Yr Albwm Lluniau / The Photo Album

Image by bara-koukoug via Flickr

On our 5:15 call this morning – the topic was triggers –

What triggers memories or actions from a person.

Sue Fay led us – she has a blog I recommend –

Some on the call shared that their triggers were visual –photo’s triggered memories

Others said that music – like a particular song would send them to a different place or a person from the past.

Smells did it for others – think freshly cut grass, or eraser chalk smell and there you go – transported to spring or school.

All of these things were great reminders – and one of the team shared what they do with their photos that inspired me –

They use photos as bookmarks –

So every time they open a book, appointment book, the Bible, poems or reference books, there are memories from pictures in the pages –

What a fab idea!

Of course this takes real photos or pictures to work – and where my mind went immediately is to that box in the basement stuffed with pictures and memories – a jam-packed stack of bookmarks there for the using!

There are many reasons I am up early in the morning – being with the amazing people on our 5:15 call is one of the best ones.

Remember – you create your day by the way you think! Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna

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