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Pencil Skirt Or Full Skirt? Which One's for You?

By Getgoretro
Both styles; pencil and swing skirt are flattering and popular.  Which one is for you?

Pencil Skirt or Full Skirt? Which one's for you?

Kaboom Pencil Skirt

The Pencil Skirt:
  1. Highlights all those curves you have
  2. It's sexy but also professional
  3. Never goes out of style
  4. Gives you that little wiggle walk everyone loves
You can pair it with a belt, fitted top or even flouncy top.  Dress it up or down with your accessories and of course great heels.

Pencil Skirt or Full Skirt? Which one's for you?

Pink Tiger Full Skirt

The Full Skirt:
  1. Gives you hips if you have no curves; or
  2. Hides your hips if you have large hips
  3. Makes your waist look small
  4. Perfect for dancing and movement
Wear it with any kind of shoe!  Pumps, sandals or even flats.  Can wear with a loose top, tucked in top or a cool belt.
Both work!  It's all good!

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