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Pearl's Powder Turns 4!

By Pearlowa
Pearl's Powder Turns 4!

Happy Birthday to my Blog! 

Happy Pearl's Powder Day! 

Pearl's Powder turns 4 now!
I admit I promised that i'd do major graphical design changes to the blog and logo, and I haven't been loyal to this promise. I am putting it on hold.
Time moves so fast indeed!
I cant believe that I started this blog when I was in USA, to write about my Ithaca, NY experience. And then I wrote about the normal things : love, science, famine,peace, war, and music...
Later in 2010,  I  focused my blog mainly on food
Pearl's Powder was not just  a recipe sharing blog but it was more about experimenting and experiencing food in a different perspective combining memory, psychology(sensory) , and science!

It was a blog to unveil the hottest trends and events in the food and beverage industry, the latest scientific discoveries in the field of food science and technology, as well to untangle all the myths that people think about food , safety, nutrition and eating. 

When people ask me why Pearl's Powder,  I tell them I want to create a culture that appreciates and values food, not just as a necessity but also as a blessing we often disregard and take for granted.
" Appreciate, Moderate, Eat with love. Then thank God and the cook" is my mantra.
Now back to the cliche speech I want to share :P
" Thanks for all my friends, family, fellow bloggers, social media experts, and visitors of this blog for reading, commenting, sharing about Pearl's Powder.  And believe me I really want your opinion to change. Change is what makes us move on and improve!
I want to thank the F&B syndicate and industry in Lebanon for having inviting me for  food events, conferences, restaurants...etc and for trusting me in being part of their valuable events!"

And if there is only one great advise that I would give for all the newbie bloggers out there : "Never Postpone a Blogpost!" Like never! Seriously. Dont put it drafts. Post it.
Even if it werent perfected, didn't have the improved quality pictures, or the better resources to back your ideas up, just write and post it.
If you prepared it, hesitated and kept it in draft, like I do most of the times, it will stay in drafts FOREVER! I have 30 posts in draft!! :S

Now back to celebrating my blog's birthday!
Gifts and Cakes are welcome.
You can also like my 
Facebook Page or just comment down below!
Or you can welcome my new 6 month old baby blog  ( spirituality) : The Guarded Pearl !

Happy Pearl's Powder Day! 

Statistics on Pearl's Powder:
Number of Unique Visitors: 97,000
Number of Posts: 173
Top Visited Post: Red Velvet Cake Dilemma (3000)
Top Country: USA ( 32,000)

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