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AUB Alumni Launching Mediterranean Cuisine Cookbook

By Pearlowa

A cookbook that can be treasured and enjoyed for years....

To join in the commemoration of American University of Beirut’s 150th anniversary in 2016, the WAAAUB (World Alumni Association of AUB) Philadelphia/Delaware Valley Chapter is sponsoring the compilation of a WAAAUB Mediterranean Cuisine Cookbook. "cookbook that can be treasured and enjoyed for years."
This project will showcase the leadership, expertise, energy and commitment of AUB Alumni globally!

I am really excited for this cookbook as I am an AUB Alumni and I will be on the committee for content editing!
All AUB Alumni and friends may contribute recipes; colored photos are highly encouraged.
Recipe contributors have to include their name, city and state/country for publication. Along with a short introduction, age-old wisdom, or personal story behind the recipe. Stay tuned for additional information on recipe submission.
Recipe submission begins ~ mid-January 2015. AUB Alumni Launching Mediterranean Cuisine Cookbook
Spread the Word!!!!! Share this communication with your interested friends, business acquaintances, family members (grandmothers), chefs you may know, cooking show hosts… If you or someone you know wishes to submit a Mediterranean recipe:
o Review the following:
o Instructions for Recipe and Photo Submission (click here)
o Frequently Asked Questions(click here)
o Two SAMPLE recipes (click here)
AUB Alumni Launching Mediterranean Cuisine Cookbook
o North Africa includes:  Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia and Western Sahara  & The Middle East includes: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,
Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen
o Know that all submitters will need to sign a standard Release Form allowing us to publish the recipe in the WAAAUB Cookbook
o Test the recipe by preparing it, ensuring your measurements and method of preparation are accurate, clear and can be understood globally
o Take a few close-up photos of the recipe per instructions mentioned above. We will ask you to submit 2 or 3 photos so we will choose the best photo.
o Write an original short introduction to the recipe! Tell us about it’s origin, memories or tradition it carries, personal story behind the recipe etc…(450 character limit with spaces).
o Type up your recipe neatly using MS WORD (per the guidelines in the Recipe Submission Instructions) since you can then cut and paste it into the Recipe Submission Template.
o Be on a look-out for the release of the Recipe Submission Template (~ mid-January) which will mark the start of recipe submission.
Important Dates:
· Recipe submission start January 2015
· Recipe submission deadline March 2015
· Recipe review complete June 2015
· Design and layout complete September 2015
· Digital Preview & Pre-orders Begin November 2015
· Cookbook available for sale June 2016 (AUB’s 150th anniversary)
Questions? Please send an email to Asma Ghannam (Project Leader and Member-At-Large, WAAAUB Philadelphia/Delaware Valley Alumni Chapter Executive Committee) at [email protected].

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