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Paul Kasner – End Of The Night

Posted on the 18 October 2013 by Audiocred @audiocred

Formerly of Montreal band Silk Screaming/Black Mystic, Paul Kasner is now a one-man revivalist machine, powered by the unstoppable momentum of his debut solo album, End of the Night. Just what sound is he reviving, though? It’s hard to say, because End of the Night flits between brit pop, alternative, surf rock, and many more with total ease and effortless euphoria. A clear stickler for perfect pop melody with a knack for mixing genres, Paul Kasner is the ideal vessel for bringing an endless variety of sounds to back to life.  a4046763662 2 300x300 Paul Kasner   End Of The Night

End of the Night recalls the warm, fuzzy nostalgia of British indie rock’s golden age, no matter which country you happen to hail from. Title track and opener “End of the Night” tumbles head-first into a dark abyss of slinky rhythms, with a devilish dance of heavy riffs that welcome its listener to the the empty-bottled anxieties of the witching hour. Closer “Stories From The Other Side” is another shadowy, cryptic highlight, with sweet, memorable organ sounds sliding in-and-out of late 60s era psych-rock influence.

Between these two murky bookends, though, End of the Night is a playful romp, accented by skillful instrumentals all cushioned by a light, carefree vibe. While “Gone to Sea” is a pretty, sweeping duet with female vocals and cool, crunchy guitars, “The Bloody Romantics” is nothing but fast, furious good times through-and-through; like a lost Blur track transported to 2013, “The Bloody Romantics” delivers lightning-quick rhythms and even a few “woo woos,” all concluding triumphantly with an ecstatic shriek.

End of the Night offers far more than easy, top-down style driving jams, though; beneath each breezy hook and cheeky melody is true craftsmanship, from start to finish. Paul Kasner is clearly adept at borrowing from the genres and sounds he admires, but on his first LP, emerges impressively all on his own.

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3 / 5 bars

Paul Kasner – “The Bloody Romantics”

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