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Pattern Cat

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Pattern CatThis drawing was inspired by artist Heather Galler that I happened to find on the internet. I simplified some of her details, but kept the basic brilliant idea of a cat filled with patterns for my next afterschool drawing class.1. My favorite combo is using Sharpies and BIC markers on coated white paper. I bought some wholesale at Kelly Paper for about $14 a 250-sheet ream. As for color, the Sharpies and BICs have such sophisticated palette these days that they put any other class markers to shame. Students begin by drawing a cat head and body and tail with a pencil. The facial features are added and all lines are traced in black.
2. Students divide up the body with a series of squares and rectangles and trace in black.
3. The boxes and rectangles are colored in with markers. When dry, lines may be added inside at will.
4. After the body is colored in, stars and a background color may be added as well.

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