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Passing My Driving Test

By Mollylouise
Passing My Driving TestPassing My Driving Test
Hey Guys!
Long time no speak, how you all doing? Doing great I hope. A lot has happened since my absence. Sorry about that my lovers. One amazing thing that has happened during my long break is the finally successful attempt of the driving test. It has taken me 3 driving instructors, 1 theory test and two practical tests over the course of two years to finally get to the stage of being free to drive on my lonesome. Which I love may I add. Driving on your own is so peaceful and freeing which opens new possibilities to explore and enter a new sense of freedom. YAY!!
Passing My Driving TestFirst I'm going to give you a brief summary on how my first attempt went. I could just simply give you an one worded response which would be 'awful' but that would be too easy. The first test was on July the 26th at precisely 1:35pm. I felt at ease and confidence aQnd felt certain that I was going to pass as I had consistent lessons and several hundred hours driving my mom and dad's Vauxhall Zafira. A biggest car for a learner driver so I had experience driving a range of different cars including a Mini Cooper, Citreon C3, and a Renault Cleo. Quite a few vehicles in my experience. So I had a two hour lesson prior to the test to get my driving to a top standard and practice my manuovres. But I didn't pass and got 12 minors and one factor ended up being a major driving fault which the examiner said was a concern as it was a habitual driving error. I knew I was going to fail the test the moment I saw my examiner, he looked as if he failed me before I got into the car. Nonetheless I immediately re-booked my driving test.
The most recent and last driving test was on October 19th (a month exactly before my birthday, yay!). I didn't get my hopes up and went into the driving test with the thoughts of the worst scenario not the best. Funny enough I passed with the pessimistic attitude, I guess this was because I didn't have the cocky attitude. This time I passed with only 7 minors. Not too bad. Realistically you've always have the odd driving fault so don't expect to pass without any faults.
Quick Q&A
What car do you drive?Ford Ka (Old style)
Year?2007 (57 plate)
Insurance?Black box :(
More than smart wheels policy

Tax?Full tax :(
Mileage?Very high, 92,000
Average mile driven per week?70 miles
Driving test manuoevre?Both tests 'turn in the road'(my favorite manuovre)
Test weather conditions?Rain on the first test. Sun with a drizzle on attempt two.
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