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Party Business Owners: Things Really Have Got to Change

By Carlo @CarloAtYourServ
Party Business Owners: Things Really Have Got to Change The real deal is... party business owners: things really have got to change.
Reader Advisory: about Party Mad Monday posts
I moved. And it matters not that I essentially moved across the street. Because the reality is that going up and down two flights of stairs, twice  – which actually equals four times, is just that... going up and down two flights of stairs, repeatedly. I moved three days ago and I'm still tired.
It's supposed to be Monday. I moved last week. And, you know how it is when you move. I'm still trying to get caught up. This move is the precursor for an experiment that I plan on instituting while I'm here in Texas. I say it that way because, having a "gypsy" spirit, I can live anywhere. Living anywhere means going for it right where you are. As long as I have an Internet connection and a phone, food, water, and shelter... I'm good to go. But like I said, a move is never easy. Is it? And when you think it's going to be easy (or easier), it's not. Case in point, I hired a guy to help me make it easier and move.  And, as fast as I hired him, I changed my mind and decided not to hire him. Argh! If you're not coming from a position of positive productivity, this kind of thing can really be annoying. You've probably encountered this type of thing too; that feeling that I'll call "knowing". It's the when you know from Jump Street (or from the start) that something you're embarking upon is not going to work out. It's a kind of feeling that you, innately, can have.  And yes, I had that "knowing" feeling. Did I listen to it immediately? No. But everything happens for a reason, so I wasn't stressed nor was I pressed about it either. It merely was what it was. Another insignificant stupid hurdle to jump over. The polite thing for the guy to do... that he, for some strange reason – believe it or not, expected to be paid for, although it was something he wasn't able to deliver... would have been to be upfront about whatever his "situation" was (that I had a "knowing" feeling about, that I ignored) and admit he didn't have it together to help me move. Not a word of thanks for being offered the opportunity to make some extra money did he ever utter, not a little smile to say he appreciated it, not a nod of acknowledgment of being considered. And there I am, doing the Must. Not. Tell. This. Person. Off. dance. I'm learning. When you self-actualize to the point where you don't let people steal your peace or joy (not very often, anyway), you can let it go a lot easier because you realize that you're dealing with someone who (for whatever reason) is "all talk and no action". So, you go into "take action mode", proving them to be completely useless - thus pathetic, take matters into your own hands and get 'er done. So, that's how things went. That's exactly what happened. And for only a second, did I find the guy annoying. Kind of like how party business owners can annoy you; making you think about prices and things they have no intention to ever deliver. That just might get on your nerves for more than just a second or two. And, ain't that some crap when that happens?
Party Business Owners: Things Really Have Got to Change Okay, by now you should know that I'm built to root for the underdog. Break that down and what you actually get is a person who detests injustice - on any level. I think injustice is one of thee most intolerable acts that we should never have to deal with, that embodies the worst in human nature that can be thought of and actually sometimes unfortunately realized. I also think injustice is something people don't want to face and deal with. After I take over and anoint myself to be the Empress of the Universe, I'll be even more forthright than I already am now about injustices, adding more than just going after party business owners. One of which will be: Don't be a Loser Jerk of Injustice, which will break down into a few subsections, such as: Don't be a loser jerk of injustice about how you deal with your customers, Don't be a loser jerk of injustice when you're shopping (yes it does go both ways, people), Don't be a loser jerk of injustice about your politics, Don't be a loser jerk of injustice about your religion, Don't be a loser jerk of injustice on the road (when you're driving, of course), Don't be a loser jerk of injustice when you're using public transportation, etc.
In this very moment: Don't let them treat you like you're a mistreated fool with a computer. Your opportunity to take your power back is just that, your opportunity. You're not sheep following each other to the slaughterhouse. You don't need the people around you to co-sign what you know for a fact is a travesty; that most people won't hire a professional caterer or party planner in their lifetimes. If you're not willing to do anything but complain about how much work a party ensues, then sadly - that's what you  deserve (the work that it takes to pull off a great party). Anyone not willing to do anything to combat the way the "game" is set up – to ignore you unless you spend money "through the nose" – will be forced to wear an ugly pea green helmet that flashes out "I'm a loser jerk of injustice" in some type of code. Morse code.
Party Business Owners: Things Really Have Got to Change Your opportunities are exactly that, your opportunities – unless you don't use them whenever they're presented. You use them... then you know you are a special Freedom Fighter of Party Love. And since you've now redefined yourself as someone who gives a damn and means it, party business owners are highly encouraged to participate in dealing with you, taking part in being "fair" and "just". If the gist of the vibe they're sharing appears to be contrived unjust nonsensical bullshit, you are encouraged to boycott their businesses. If their unjust activities appear and reappear more than you care to imagine, you should tell everyone they know to never, by any means, spend one red or black dime at their establishments.
When overworked yet planning a party anyway, you have a responsibility to your guests to do your best. As much as it might bug you to do it and as tired as you may actually be, do-it-yourself. You'll feel better about; that you paid for the shit you needed in the same courteous manner that you expected to be dealt by party business owners, but weren't.
If the party you're planning appears to be a bit more democratic in nature; when you've allowed others to share their input, you should be willing to pitch in and help you from start to finish. When you're in line at XYZ Party Supply store, paying for party supplies that you've determined that you need, make the purchase with the confidence of knowing that you're spending your hard earned money on only what you need and will use. Don't spend money buying party supply overage, unless it really is a deal you can't refuse. When you get a great deal, take your booty home and "freak off" your party to the max (make it unbelievably gorgeous), otherwise party business owners win and since most of them aren't fair enough to consider you first, we hate when that happens. Make them hate that you can DIY in such a way that even they have to sing your praises. And yes, that is completely possible.
Don't worry about "them". Tell them to shut up and drive... right out of your life. No seriously. You weren't going to hire them anyway. If you connect with them on anything, it's having a party, if not, it's too damn bad for them. Their loss. Big time. Anyone caught hiring them is a fool that should be punished by having their favorite party decor item (I don't care how big) wrapped in barbed wire and inserted into an orifice chosen by unbiased bystanders. Or else, maybe... just maybe they're a rich one percent-er. Or, they're a two or three percenter-er. Yeah, maybe that's it. Yet, under no circumstances, will hiring a loser jerk of injustice party business owner who doesn't consider you – first and foremost, be permitted if you're a true cater hater hating for good financial reason. Ever. And finally, if someone lets you down at the last minute when you really need them, when you had a sense of "knowing" that they would, stop and thank your lucky stars for a sec, nod and remember that it takes being a bigger person to not tell them off. Because you could have unleashed your Wrath Of Death tongue on them, calling them every name in the book. But you didn't want to have to wash your mouth out that off your hands just before the start of your fabulous party.
Thank you for your Party Mad Monday time, this was late. You remember, I moved though.  Right?
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I think if we keep talking about the cost of parties (I write blog posts, you write comments), together, maybe we can break down some of the party industry's price barriers and shame some of the people who've taken your money and delivered a poor quality product right into growing a conscious and treating you right (nice thought, huh?).
Opportunities to be inspired about parties are everywhere. Yet, people looking out for your wallet are few and far between. My goal is to inspire you, causing you to question the way things are that have been the status quo for too long. When we stand together and speak up, we can be a powerful force.
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Party Business Owners: Things Really Have Got to Change
“You’re imperfect, and you’re wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” - Brené Brown
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