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Modern Parties + Modern People Should = Success, But It Doesn't

By Carlo @CarloAtYourServ

Betty Friedan, American feminist and writer.

Betty Friedan, American feminist and writer. 

50 years ago, author Betty Friedan wrote, "The Sexual Sell", a book largely not read by the male dominated World of Business of course - which thereby lies one of the first things that is part of the problem regarding female party consumers not being heard.

"The Sexual Sell"; although it is a well written book, can easily make any woman reading it (or who has already read it, think back and become... ) completely ticked off - wanting to throw the book across the room in disgust. Because after all of these years, the popularity of TV shows depicting sexual unfairness between the sexes, such as shows like "Mad Men" for example, underscore exactly just how far we haven't come since the so called "sexual revolution" of the 60s and 70s.
Psychological manipulation remains at the forefront regarding how business is run, unfortunately; as we all know, in a "business as usual" way; a male dominate reinforced way that suggests that a "woman's place is in the home, so she will stay there and buy home-related services and products".
Well, no wonder the staus quo party industry business model is behind the times... hence, laden with male and female party business owners struggling to make ends meet. Our "sexual equality conversation" hasn't changed. Not really. In the marketplace, women are still a subset - a group marketed to as "women's this and women's that", unfortunately. We as "women" are the norm - not some stupid "subset", as has been suggested.
Way back in the early 60s Friedan told us that women garnered "75% of the purchasing power in America". And guess what? That hasn't really changed, so it that figure is still about the same. Women are the predominate service and product purchase decision makers and influencers in most homes. Women dominate the gaming market, the use of social m edia, and are the MAJORITY when it comes to who is expressing themselves online - like I, a woman, am doing right now.
Yet, ask yourself this question: Who are the majority targeting women in advertising and marketing today?

Men decide the appeal, the effectiveness and the creativity standard used today that determines the overall mindset of how business is operated (as usual, remember?). Which, when one thinks about it, speaks to the reason why male dominated business practices are honestly "off track" and clearly "off base" in the ability to appeal to female party consumers - who clearly aren't happy with status quo party industry mentality and the financial basis behind it's business practices. As in the rest of the business sector, the people who drive the party business are more often than not, male. So you see, not much has changed since Friedan's book was released in the 60s. The dominate consumer changed, but the male perception overall has not changed.
Don't get me wrong. I love men. But, not telling us what we should aspire to, that they believe we should aspire to, and not telling us what to spend our hard-earned money on... especially when we don't like the prices. This all works back to the party industry problem; that women consumers aren't happy with - apparently displayed by women's DIY attraction to parties versus hiring a professional.
"You reap (male decision dominated party industry mentality) what you sow (the same)". When party businesses are primarily driven, influenced, informed, and led by men (literally, sometimes... and figuratively all the time), this is the fallout: party consumers (largely women) not relating to party business owners business models. Think about it:the money spent on Super Bowl advertising informs us of that fact.
Sure, many party businesses are owned and operated by women. But, since business ownership in America isn't 50/50, driven and led by women - it's blatantly obvious that women consumers aren't equally targeted (because women still aren't equally paid, as well all know), which screams "unfair" and that male-dominated business thinking isn't innovating and diversifying to the extent that it could be.
I love Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray, but male-dominated business thinking and all-male party business ownership continues the antiquated mindset that the party industry still is plagues with, that many party business owners still complain about today.
Caterers and party planners (event planners and wedding planner), you want women decision makers to hire you?
Since you sell to women by and large, listen to us. Since you know that women have the influence and power to hire you, listen to us. Since you believe that men are the main, most interesting audience, and aren't listening to us - shut up and stop complaining that we're not hearing you.

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Opportunities to be inspired about parties are everywhere. Yet, people looking out for your wallet are few and far between. My goal is to inspire you, causing you to question the way things are that have been the status quo for too long. When we stand together and speak up, we can be a powerful force.

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Modern Parties + Modern People Should = Success, But It Doesn't

“Truthbomb #271: Knowing how you want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you have.” - Danielle LaPorte

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