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Paris with the Family

By Mamawithflavor @MaWithFlavor
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Oh Paris.
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This is a dream destination for many. And many have been able to fulfill their dream. Me? I never thought I would ever leave the United States. My dream was to visit New York and Chicago as a kid. They are two incredible cities and one, I've been lucky to see thanks to many trips with my dad and Chicago is still on my (5)But Paris? Nah. And to have been twice? That's just insane to me. There millions who's done it, but I never thought one would be me. People put Paris on this pedestal, and that they should! It's a magical city, full of culture, sound, love, and beauty. What beautiful city. photo (1)When I first arrived to Germany, a friend told me that Paris doesn't live up to the hype. They said it stunk and was dirty. I didn't believe it. I am a see it then I'll make up my own mind dammit kind of lady lol. I went there a few years ago with a friend for her birthday on a day trip. It was a bit overwhelming because I wanted to experience it ALL and I only had 8 hours to do so. There were a lot of peddlers, but that was the only negative aspect, it was just everything I dreamed of. Then being able to visit with my family was AMAZING. We got to spend 4 days and 3 nights there. We were originally only going to spend 3 days and two nights, but decided we needed MORE. So we used every day off my husband had. We new our late arrival home would be worth it and it was. photo (18)We stayed at the Source Hotel. It was a great hotel in a so-so location, but we were across the street to a Patisserie that was just amazing. We were a bit away from the central city, thus every restaurant we chose in the area was reasonably priced, and everyone was happily willing to speak English to us, was super friendly, not the snobby french stereotype that you hear of. We've visited a few cities in France during our time here, and everyone was sweet to us. It's the attitude you give is what you get back, I always believed to be true. photo (2)
We chose to visit the Eiffel Tower first as the kids were asking to go since they found out that we were going to Paris. We enjoyed some great eats, and beautiful sites at every turn. It was a beautiful so it was busy with tourists. There were less peddlers as well. In fact there were a lot of police officers around, whenever they'd show up the peddlers would scurry quickly. The first time I went there were sooooooo many beggars. I had to not look at anyone after a while because of all the notes asking for money I was given within my first hour there.  If I so much sneezed in their direction, they handed me a sob story in English on tattered money asking for (14)We saw many sites, had conversations with many of the locals, ate well, played well, and just had an enjoyable experience all around. I hope everyone has an opportunity to visit.
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Some Helpful Tips.
Find a hotel a little on the outside the central area. Initially we were going to get a centrally located hotel, but from experiences in other cities, we thought we'd get something on the outside of the main attractions. Not only is the hotel cheaper, but parking was free, and the restaurants were a lot cheaper. Check for Source Hotel. The staff is very friendly and very eager to help!
Take the BUS to get to the sights! Much cheaper than the subway/metro and takes you to all the places you need. We found this out on our third day there.
Avoid driving as much as you can. People drive incredibly aggressive there. So put your big girl/boy pants on because driving there is no joke!
Buy tickets to go inside the Eiffel Tower in advance!!! Those lines are looooong you get first priority. Here's a site to do that:
And enjoy yourselves. Which most of you will!!!!
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photo (3)Thank you for reading!!!!!!!
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