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Parents, Here's Where Your Kids Hide Their Drugs!

By Tomretterbush @thomretterbush
Parents, Here's where Your Kids Hide their Drugs!If Your are Worried Enough to Search Your Kid's Room, at least look where they would really Hide their DrugsIn past articles I've told you some of the crazy and bizarre things kids and teens do while under the influence of drugs. This article covers the crazy and bizarre places children use to hide their stash; places few parents would consider looking. Let's investigate...
People have been hiding drugs everywhere imaginable. From under the bed to inside dead soldiers coming home from the war. Of course, normally your kid's hiding places won't be as elaborate as those of a drug smuggling operation, but then again, that only depends on how determined he or she is not to get caught.
The thing you as parents have going for you is, most of the time your children believe they have you fooled. More often than not, your kids won't believe you would actually spy on them, much less search their room. And even if they have reason to suspect your snooping, maybe because they know that you know that they are getting high, they usually thing you are far to out of touch or naive to guess where they hide their stash.
Common places kids like to hide their drugs:
  • Between mattresses
  • In shoes in the closet
  • In pockets of clothes hanging in the closet
  • A fake stack of CDs in a storage case
  • Hollowed out candles
  • Under a fish tank
  • The drop ceiling of their room
  • In a computer case
  • In a speaker system

If your kids suspect that you are searching their room, and they give you some credit for intelligence and creativity, here is a list of the more elaborate hiding places:
  • In their car
  • In your car 
  • In a bathroom, taped underneath the tank or inside an exhaust fan
  • Outside in the yard, maybe under a rock or in a drainage pipe
  • The drop ceiling of a basement or storage room
  • Underneath the insulation in the attic
  • In a birdhouse
  • In a fish tank
  • In a brother or sister’s bedroom
  • Behind a book in a bookcase or on a shelf
  • In a hollowed out book
  • Inside a hair brush
  • Inside throw pillows
  • Inside any electrical appliance
  • Inside the wall plate on the light switches
  • Taped to the inside of air-conditioning ducts
  • The gap between your bottom drawer and the floor in a chest of drawers
  • A custom made soda or other aerosol can with a bottom that screws open

Yes kids actually use these and other places to hide drugs. Some are so out of the ordinary that I didn't list them here, because your loved ones will hopefully not be paranoid enough to go to such extremes to hide their dope. If they do, that would be a sign that the problem is even more serious as initially anticipated.
If your kid is shooting heroin, cocaine or methamphetamines with a syringe he or she will probably be using one of your tablespoons or a bottle-cap to cook the dope in. You should be looking for a spoon that is bent and charred black on the bottom or a blackened, charred bottle-cap, both with maybe a little piece of cotton in it. Sometimes kids will use the bottom of a soda can to cook their dope, so the can will be cut in half, and again it will be back at the bottom.
If you notice a bunch of water being left in the child's room (like several cups laying around) and he/she never much cared for water before, then suspect drugs.
The bathroom is one of the favorite places a kid will go to get high. It's got plenty of water and it's private, so no one will walk in on them while they are using. If the kid goes into the bathroom frequently or takes an unusually long time using the toilet, taking a bath or whatever, you may have reason to suspect drugs.
If you find "brillo" pads and/or some kind of glass tube, your kid will most likely be smoking crack cocaine or methamphetamines, aka. ice. Look for a glass tube with dark residue inside it along with a brillo pad filtering device. If your brillo pads are disappearing quicker than before, your child is definately smoking dope. 
Most of the things listed above I used myself when I was still getting high and/or selling drugs, so I've been there and done that. The kids may be able to fool the cops, but they had better get up pretty early before they fool this old ex-dope-fiend.
One friendly piece of advice to the kids: “If you gotta worry about it, you shouldn't be doing it in the first place.”
Written By: Tom Retterbush
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By Kendrick Osnaya
posted on 16 February at 08:32

As a teen I hid my weed in countless amounts of places so let me share, I hid weed in oregano (sealed in a baggy inside the oregano jar), flower pots, in my parents closest (stupid? Nah they never checked with in their own room), little brother's room, my car inside a trick knob shift knob, my cars engine bay, in my Xbox, under my dog's bed, in potato chip bags, inside old cell phones, taped on top of ceiling fans, in video games boxes,