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Parenting Ways to Prevent Teen Suicide

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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As a parent, you want your teen to be happy and healthy, and have a long, full life.  You probably do not want to think about the possibility of his life ending when he is young.  Unfortunately, teen suicide is a fact of life that we cannot pretend does not exist.  There are some ways you can prevent this tragedy in your own family.

First, regardless of how busy your schedule may be, take time on a regular basis to communicate with your teen.  While it can include an activity, the emphasis should be on communication.  Encourage him to talk about his life, his feelings, and any issues that may be bothering him.  Develop the habit of listening when he talks to you.

Second, stay alert to changes in his attitudes or behaviour   Any unusual changes should be investigated.  It can include changes in his personality, signs of depression, and drug or alcohol abuse.

Third, if others express concern about your teen, listen to what they have to say.  His teachers, his friends’ parents, and other people in his life may be aware of a problem that you have not noticed.

Fourth, if you notice a problem that you do not fully understand or cannot resolve, do not hesitate to reach out for help.  One option is TheFamilyCompass helping families with troubled teenagers.  You will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s situation with someone who understands, cares, and can help you.

Another important step in reducing your child’s risk of suicide is to help him learn to focus on his future.  One of the main reasons youngsters commit suicide is they have trouble thinking beyond the present day.  They often do not realize that a problem they have today may easily be resolved tomorrow.

Encourage your teen to think about tomorrow, and the years ahead in his life.  Whether it includes a new relationship, college, or talents he can explore, consistently remind him his entire life is ahead of him.  When a teen is encouraged to think about a bright future, the problems he is facing today will not seem so overwhelming.

Always take your teen’s concerns seriously.  From a failing grade at school to a broken relationship, concerns that seem small to you can feel like the end of the world to a teenager.  Take the time to talk to him, and to truly listen, and ask for help if you need it.

 Parenting Ways to Prevent Teen Suicide

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