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Parental Parody Review : Caffeine, My Other Great Love

By Parentalparody @parental_parody
Following what was possibly the best 2 weeks of my life, thoroughly testing and reviewing both Yellowglen Spritz and Taylors Wines products for you (you're so welcome. So, so, so welcome), I bring you the third and final review....
Parental Parody Review : Caffeine, my other great love Toby's Estate coffee and tea.
The good stuff, too.  None of that instant crap or dangly bag business. I once coveted a job at Starbucks, such is my love of and dependence upon coffee. It was both a beautiful dream and a life plan to spend my days creating caffeine masterpieces in return for an endless supply of free caffeine for myself.  This grand life plan was shattered when I found out that employees still have to pay for their coffee. Parental Parody Review : Caffeine, my other great love "WOOLLOOMOOLOO" This smooth spicy blend, excellent for milk coffees, incorporates an aged bean, producing a real mouthful of body and a full, rich, lively cup. Firstly, Toby's Estate is not crapped out the back end of an animal.  I don't care how exclusive it is, I just can't do it - the drinking or the 'production'.  Toby's Estate beans are sourced from around the globe, then bought back to Australia for roasting, ne'er to pass through the internal workings of a living thing, pre-consumption.
I was without coffee machine when I received this, and so I spent the first 2 days walking around with the bag held up to my nose.  It smells so divine that I seriously considered #1 Hubby's smart ass suggestion that I gaffa tape the packet to my face and go hands-free. I live for the day someone creates those smelly tree air fresheners in the scent of fresh coffee. When #1 Nana coughed up her coffee machine I was in heaven.  It's creamy, it's rich, it tastes as good as my favorite Cafe Barista's efforts. Head to the Toby's Estate website and order some for yourself.  Beans or pre-ground, they do both.  There's a huge range to choose from, including Decaf.  They even have Fairtrade Organic and Sustainability blends, so you can feel like you're saving the planet, one cup at a time. In addition to my coffee addiction, I'm also a bit partial to a good cup of tea.  But it has to be really good stuff to tear me away from coffee. Parental Parody Review : Caffeine, my other great love "TOBY'S BREAKFAST BLEND" This traditional recipe made with full leaf black teas from around the world creates a rich, aromatic brew sure to satisfy any time of day. This stuff makes the grade, even when brewed in Miss6's kiddy china tea set (since I don't actually own a grown up tea pot). Which, incidentally, is the perfect size for a single cup of tea. Thank you Dora the Explorer.
Tea is a personal thing.  I've learnt this after 20 years of failing to make the perfect cup for #1 Nana.  So if you like your tea weak, I'm guessing you can still make the perfect cup from this blend.  If you like your tea strong, this is the stuff for you.  There was no bitter after-taste either, which I have found with some brands. Toby's Estate's range of teas is enormous.  As with the coffee, head to their website for further details and ordering. And finally, the part you've all been waiting for.... Thanks to Impact Communications, Yellowglen, Taylors Wines and Toby's Estate, I bring you
The Giveaway of Awesome (trademark pending) Parental Parody Review : Caffeine, my other great love This would be me breaking out into a Happy Dance. If I danced. Or wore dresses.
The Giveaway of Awesome consists of all the goodies I've reviewed, split into three prizes :    1.  Taylors Wines 4 pack    2.  Yellowglen Spritz sparkling wines 2 pack    3.  Toby's Estate Coffee and Tea
For your chance to win (each item is worth one entry):
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Entries close midnight (WST) Sunday 29th January The fine print :
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