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Paperblog: A Great Resource for Parents & Stepparents

By Momishblog @momishblog

Paperblog: A Great Resource for Parents and Stepparents Alike
I could spend my entire life reading articles on parenting thanks to the 215 million links that pop up in a quick google search of "parenting".  How does one get through it all?  What if I just need someone I can relate to? What if I just want to connect to other stepparents?  What if I'm tired of searching site and after site when I really just want the info in one site? That's easy. I go to Paperblog and click on the family tab. As a relatively new Stepmom (I've been at this for about 3 years), I have questions.  I'm the only person in my house that's a stepparent and sometimes I just need to find others who can relate.  Paperblog does a great job providing content for the stepparent as well as the biological parent.  For that, I'm grateful.  
Paperblog has also quickly become my answer to keeping track of many of the blogs I like to read, all in one place. Several of my friends have been in a state of panic over the recent tech chatter regarding various RSS feed providers changing and/or ceasing to exist.  I wasn't panicked. Why? Because I read all of my blogs through Paperblog.   Want the latest from the tech blogs?  Just click the Tech Magazine.  Need to fill your tree hugger needs?  Check out the Enviornment Magazine.  Need a great recipe and your tired of pinning?  Check out the Food & Drink Magazine.  There's a couple dozen magazines that will give you the opportunity to explore more blogs than you ever knew existed all while staying on one website. Hallelujah! 
Becoming a part of the Paperblog family has provided me a lot more than stepparent resources, however.  As a featured blogger, my blog is gaining international attention in ways other sites haven't been able to provide.  Paperblog has profiled my blog and shared feedback that's been helpful to my development as a blogger.  They make it easy to share content with readers around the globe taking the information that is on my existing blog and sharing it with the world.  They "get" bloggers and are there to make our universe a little simpler.  Hallelujah (again)!
Happy Anniversary Paperblog!  They're celebrating two years in business this week & I know great things are headed their way in the years to come.  I encourage you to check them out!  You wont be sorry! 

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